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Step into the Future of Safety: Role of Ai in PROX-EYE™

As technology rapidly advances,  the term Artificial Intelligence(AI) has become unavoidable. But what exactly is AI?  AI refers to computer systems that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI can perform tasks such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding natural language, speech recognition, and visual perception, which mimic human-like cognitive functions. Ai applications are diverse and widespread across different industries.

Correct- Ai uses AI to revolutionize safety standards. Through AI,  PROX-EYE™ identifies, interprets, and classifies risks, providing real-time information to operators about their surroundings. The system is able to specify whether the risk is a human, vehicle, wildlife, or general obstacle, along with proximity to the machinery. This feature increases the safety of the operator and mitigates the risk of human error. Through the use of AI, the information presented to the operator is extremely reliable which decreases false positives and increases efficiency. 

Reactive worksite management is a thing of the past.  PROX-EYE™ uses data gathered to provide leading indicators and predictive analytics , pinpointing precisely where your operations biggest risks lie. These analytics provide essential details about incidents, including their location, the machinery involved, and the time of day. By knowing exactly where your largest incidences are, workplaces can proactively manage operations to guarantee worker safety. All of the mentioned features are made possible through the use of AI.

So embrace the future with Correct-Ai to ensure that your workers get home safe: Your Machinery. our AI. To learn more about  PROX-EYE™ visit Technology | Correct-AI


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