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Correct-Ai Feature in Canada Venture News

Correct Ai was recently featured in an article written by Canada Venture News, which you can read with the following link: The article highlights innovative technology startups in Edmonton that are transforming traditional industries.

But how exactly is Correct-Ai transforming industrial worksites?

Correct-Ai is revolutionizing the field of industrial safety through our groundbreaking PROX-EYE™ proximity detection system. PROX EYE™ alerts machinery operators to obstacles and presence of individuals though state of the art sensors and artificial intelligence software, successfully increasing operator visibility and minimizing blind spots while effectively eliminating false alerts. Additionally, PROX-EYE™ offers predictive analytics that can revolutionize industrial worksite management.

By incorporating the advanced PROX-EYE™ system into your worksite, you can significantly enhance operator safety and efficiency, paving the way for a more secure and productive industrial environment.


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