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Correct-AI and SMS Equipment form Strategic Alliance

We are thrilled to announce a strategic alliance between Correct-AI and SMS Equipment, two Canadian companies that are leaders in their respective fields of industrial robotics, artificial intelligence & heavy equipment distribution. Through this alliance, SMS Equipment will sell and promote our PROX-EYE™ proximity detection and collision warning system for use on mobile construction equipment throughout Canada and Alaska.

The PROX-EYE™ system is a cost-effective, compact, and intelligent tool that utilizes optical sensors and artificial intelligence software to assist heavy equipment operators monitor risks around their equipment. It improves operator visibility, eliminates false alarms with intelligent threat detection, eliminates blind spots, and reduces insurance risk with onboard storage and analysis of equipment activity.

This system is especially useful for the construction and mining sectors, where safety and efficiency are paramount. By using the PROX-EYE™ system, operators can prevent injuries to workers, avoid damage to equipment and infrastructure, and improve productivity and profitability.

We believe that this alliance will bring significant benefits to our customers and the industries we serve. We look forward to working with SMS Equipment to deliver innovative solutions that lower risk and prevent incidents at the worksite.

To learn more about the PROX-EYE™ system and how it can help you, please visit our website or contact us today.


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