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Operator Manuals

PROX-EYE™ Dual Stereo

Operator Manual

PROX-EYE™ Dual Stereo: An intelligent safety solution with dual cameras for a 180-degree view, using AI to detect and classify hazards in real time.


Operator Manual

PROX-EYE™ Dual System: Unleash the power of LiDAR for superior low-light performance, pitch and roll data, and a 180-degree view.

PROX-EYE™ 360 Stereo

Operator Manual

PROX-EYE™ 360 Stereo: Soar above with bird's eye view, powered by the same advanced camera technology as PROX-EYE™ Dual Stereo.

PROX-EYE™ Data Dashboard


Operator Manual

PROX-EYE™ Online Data Dashboard empowers your organization to unpack data driven insights from your PROX-EYE™ System.

PROX-EYE™ Single Stereo

Operator Manual

PROX-EYE™ Single Stereo: A dynamic 90-degree view at the front or back of the equipment, revolutionizing your perspective on safety.


Operator Manual

PROX-EYE™ Single System: Embrace LiDAR's power with low-light performance, pitch and roll data, and a focused 90-degree view.

PROX-EYE™ Reverse Mode

Operator Manual

PROX-EYE™ Reverse Mode: Enhancing focus during reverse operation with PROX-EYE™ Single Stereo for precise maneuvering.



Operator Manual

FIELD-EYE™ Mapping solution: Automate workflow and proactively protect workers through safe operation planning.

*Recommended to view operator manual(s) on a desktop or laptop, due to image clarity.

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