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 Are you ready to take your operations to the next level?

PROX-EYE™ by Correct-Ai is a system that provides real-time proximity awareness and terrain hazard notifications to operators of industrial heavy equipment. Intelligent warnings are shown on a monitor within the cab for easy viewing. The PROX-EYE™ has many features which help to alleviate operator stress and increase safety and efficiency on job sites. 

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PROX-EYE™ Systems

The PROX-EYE™  system is equipped with AI technology which identifies approaching objects as human, vehicle, or a general obstacle. This minimizes false-positives and makes it easier for operators to identify true hazards. While monitoring the area around the equipment the system also records and stores data. This data is easy to view and can be used for post incident evaluation as well as the collection of statistics for ad hoc reporting. The PROX-EYE™ monitors and reports on equipment operation and near misses on site. 

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