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Our PROX-EYE™ Proximity Awareness Systems are the only ones on the market which combine LiDAR, Cameras, and proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology. This mitigates false-positive alarms.

Our PROX-EYE™ Proximity Awareness System provides equipment operators with a variety of functions that allow them to view and monitor the area around their equipment and better manage complex industrial worksites

Increases Operator Visibility

Eliminates "blind spots" with the use of visual aids such as cameras and monitors

Has a Proximity Warning and Detection Systems

Which augments cameras view with LiDAR sensors

Utilizes Edge Computing

Uses artificial intelligence to process data in real-time to show real threats, and eliminate false alarms

Records Data

Houses a solid-state recorder to collect data in real-time, to save it for future use

Utilizes Connectivity and Network

Information can be shared between operators, workers and business partners through a network connection or by downloading the data to a hard drive

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