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“If you can prevent an incidence and in worst case a fatality, it's well worth it.”

Meet O’Hanlon Paving

O’Hanlon Paving provides the following services; Subgrade and Gravel Construction,  Asphalt Paving, and Commercial snow removal and road sweeping. The mentioned services require the use of heavy-duty machinery, and to better manage the risk associated with using such machinery O’Hanlon chose to implement the use of Correct-Ai’s PROX-EYE™ detection system.

O'Hanlon PROX_EYE.png

Stereo PROX-EYE™ on Trackhoe


Here is what O’Hanlon had to say after they implemented PROX EYE™ on their equipment:


“The main benefit of this system( PROX-EYE™ Stereo) is that you can prevent incidences and in worst case fatalities. And you can also prevent damage to the equipment which can get fairly expensive. What I am most happy about this system is that it is something that should have been around a long time ago, because your incidents prevent you from getting contracts. If you can prevent an incidence and in worst case a fatality, it's well worth it”.

-Mike Namchuk


Through integrating PROX-EYE™  in the construction field,  we can enhance operator visibility through precise real-time warnings, tailor solutions and warning zones to meet specific workplace standards and compile leading indicators and predictive analytics for better risk management. All these features collectively align with Correct-Ai’s fundamental objective, which is and will always be prioritizing worker safety.

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