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Edmonton Global article spotlights Correct-Ai

On June 3, 2022 Edmonton Global published an article titled “Correct-Ai is bringing Edmonton region AI to the global industry,” highlighting Correct-Ai’s journey to “validating their technological expertise and building trust in their technologies,” through local and international partnerships and distribution deals.

Along with recognizing Correct-Ai as a company bringing innovation to global earth moving applications, the article explains many of the reasons why we chose to be based in Edmonton, including the incredible advantage of working with and collaborating with skilled individuals from the University of Alberta, ranked 3rd globally for AI research, as well as the multitude of construction companies and sites around the Edmonton region, which provide a rich customer base. Lastly, testing our products and systems in Edmonton is advantageous due to the diverse weather conditions, ranging from extreme conditions in winters to hot summers. This wide range ensures that our systems will be able to detect and withstand conditions in any site, with continuous reliability.

Thank you Edmonton Global for shining a light on Correct-Ai! Correct-Ai’s mission is to mitigate operational risks to personnel, equipment, and assets while improving the efficiency and productivity of heavy equipment operation on industrial worksites. Correct-Ai’s technology minimizes the prospects for collisions, roll-overs, and struck-bys, significantly enhancing the prospects for an accident-free workplace. To read more about our company, check out the article by Edmonton Global linked below.


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