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Correct-AI Wins Innovation Award of the Year

Correct-Ai is honored and excited by its selection as the winner of the prestigious 2022 Canadian Energy Pipeline Association’s (CEPA’s) Innovation award.

Recognized for its groundbreaking technology, Correct-Ai’s PROX-EYE™ Vision Guidance System is original, bold, and highly efficient. It is an industry trailblazer that utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to assess risks and identify bottlenecks on industrial work sites. This far surpasses the manual operation of equipment that is prone to human error and operational inefficiencies.

Alone among competitors, Correct-Ai’s collision avoidance system also prevents accidents in real-time and proactively identifies future potential accidents. This makes it possible to recognize and solve these problems before they happen, contributing to saving lives and avoiding countless dollars in potential damages and loss of production.

What sets Correct-Ai apart is its unprecedented efficiency in preventing disruptions in production and monitoring potentially hazardous environments without compromising productivity. On the contrary, it does this while reducing both the frequency of required safety meetings and maintenance, synonymous with other common solutions.

The impact of the PROX-EYE™ system is so important, meaningful, and significant that it is achieving broad application throughout the pipeline industry. In this way, Correct-Ai, a proud CEPA Foundation member, is directly supporting CEPA’s mission to sponsor and lead innovation in that industry. As a result, a few CEPA Foundation members are already collaborating with Correct-Ai to further improve the safety process.

Correct-Ai continues to be a world leader in safety and automation as it showcases the potential of AI technology in the industrial workplace to create a safe environment without sacrificing productivity.


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