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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

April 7, 2021

Correct-AI, a Canadian company developing products that support the safe and efficient

operation of equipment on industrial worksites, is pleased to announce that Dr. Arjun

Selvakumar has joined their Board of Advisors.

Selvakumar is the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology at INOVA

Geophysical, a world leader in the seismic equipment manufacturing market. He is a

resourceful and highly respected technology executive with core strengths in seismic

acquisition and sensor systems. He has an impressive track record in engineering and

product development, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance.

“We are thrilled that Arjun Selvakumar has joined our team in an advisory capacity,”

said Correct-AI CEO and Founder, Siamak Akhlaghi. “His 20-plus years of experience

across the globe in technology-focused product development in the oil and gas sector

will greatly assist Correct-AI in developing products that meet the requirements of

customers in the USA, Europe, East Asia and the Middle East markets. He is a

tremendous and a very welcome addition to our leadership team.”

INOVA is the world leader in the seismic equipment manufacturing market. Their

offerings include rugged and reliable seismic instruments that enable geophysical

service providers to efficiently design and execute complex seismic acquisition

programs on behalf of their E&P customers around the world. INOVA also has

application-specific vehicles referred to in the industry as seismic vibrators which

provide seismic energy required for the acquisition of data for oil and gas exploration.

Members of the Correct-AI Advisory Board bring a wealth of knowledge and experience

from a variety of industries. They are helping to guide the Edmonton-based company as

it continues to develop and market its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence platforms.

Correct-AI’s first-generation PROX-EYE™ visual guidance system detects and classifies objects in an equipment operator’s blind spot to prevent collisions and roll-overs. This is a step up from products that can identify an object but are unable to differentiate among humans, vehicles, and other potentially dangerous objects. Correct-AI’s

product eliminates false positives; identifies road slope; communicates data to the

operator; and records it for subsequent review and efficient operation.


For more product and investment information, please visit our contact page or contact the POC mentioned below.

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