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Correct-Ai is thrilled that it has been recognized as one of the top 5 AI Robot Solutions

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Correct-Ai is thrilled and very grateful to StartUs Insights for its recognition as one of the top five Artificial Intelligence Robot Solutions developed by startups. StartUs monitors over 2 million startups and 70 thousand technologies on a global basis. According to StartUs, it selected Correct-Ai from among 1,300+ exemplary startups and scaleups across the globe that they analyzed in their research. See:

Correct-Ai’s mission is to mitigate operational risks to personnel, equipment, and assets while improving the efficiency and productivity of heavy equipment operation on industrial worksites. The company’s PROX-EYE™ System combines cameras, LIDAR, and artificial intelligence software in a deployable, compact, and innovative collision avoidance system. Correct-Ai’s technology minimizes the prospects for collisions, roll-overs, and struck-bys, significantly enhancing the prospects for an accident-free workplace.

Correct-Ai has achieved its recognition and success with the help of Alberta Innovates (, whose support has allowed the company to develop its technology and commercialize its products.


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