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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Date: June 14th, 2021

Correct-AI announced today that has reached an agreement with SITECH Western Canada Solutions, Ltd. to distribute its PROX-EYE™ Proximity Detection Systems for industrial applications.

Correct-AI combines industrial robotics and artificial intelligence software to develop and manufacture its PROX-EYE™ collision avoidance and terrain hazard notification systems. The Canadian company has a bold mission to save lives and enhance productivity. SITECH will sell, and provide customer support services for the PROX-EYE™ systems to offer this proven, high-tech solution to industrial industries. The agreement calls for non-exclusive distribution by SITECH throughout Western Canada, the Northwest, and Yukon Territories.

“We are thrilled to have SITECH join us to offer our unique, state-of-the-art safety systems to the construction industry and beyond,” said Siamak Akhlaghi, Correct-AI CEO. “This is a major step forward in extending our reach and impact to protect both people and property.”

Correct-AI’s PROX-EYE™ Vision Guidance Systems combine cameras, LiDAR and proprietary artificial intelligence software into a cost-effective tool that is revolutionizing the way industrial vehicles are managed, both safely and efficiently, in challenging worksite situations. The camera and LiDAR sensor are mounted to the exterior of the equipment to provide intelligent warnings to the vehicle operators of imminent danger in the form of potential collisions and dangerous road conditions, such as trenches which are roll-over threats.

The PROX-EYE™ systems includes a digital monitor mounted inside the cab of industrial vehicles to display elevation mapping, threat detection screen, real-time obstacle notifications, and a high-definition images of the surrounding area. The systems not only detect obstacles, they also notify the equipment operator of the type of obstacle they are facing -- be it a worker, another vehicle or a general threat. This gives operators the time, and information, they need to successfully navigate around any worksite situations of concern.

The Correct-AI PROX-EYE™ Proximity Detection Systems have been designated as the collision avoidance system of choice by a growing number of industrial companies. The new agreement between Correct-AI and SITECH will expand and diversify the markets to which the PROX-EYE™ systems will be distributed to promote and support safe and efficient industrial vehicle operations on worksites and elsewhere throughout Western Canada, and beyond.

For further information, reach out to the POC identified below or visit the SITECH website at

POC: Bethany Dierdorff


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