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CEPA Foundation Article Features Correct-AI

Updated: May 18, 2022

The CEPA Foundation (Canadian Energy Pipeline Association) published an article on June 30th, 2021 titled "Technology Spotlight: the role of AI in pipeline safety" which discusses Correct-AI's state-of-the-art Proximity Detection systems and how they contribute to safety and efficiency within the Canadian pipeline industry.

This article includes an overview of Correct-AI's PROX-EYE Proximity Detection system, and how its AI capabilities are a valuable advancement within industrial safety technology.

"Prox-Eye Dual System is just one example of the leaps and bounds being taken by Canada’s pipeline operators and their suppliers in their quest for zero incidents and maximum sustainability."

- CEPA Foundation

Correct-AI combines cameras, and LiDAR sensors with proprietary artificial intelligence technology to create intelligent and effective proximity detection systems. This decreases false positives, and enhances warning accuracy and usability. Our PROX-EYE systems are designed to provide equipment operators with real time hazard identification and audible signals warning of potential hazards around their equipment. These systems help to overcome inherent blind spots and increase operation efficiency on industrial worksites.

The Correct-AI team is honored to be recognized by such an amazing organization for our dedication to decreasing accidents and increasing efficiency on industrial worksites throughout Canada.

To read the full article about Correct-AI visit the CEPA site!


To learn more about Correct-AI or our products visit our website at


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