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Alberta Innovates Features Correct-AI

On August 17th, 2022 Alberta Innovates published an article titled "Correct-Ai is revolutionizing industrial vehicle management using artificial intelligence." The article is featured in Alberta Innovates' "Learn How Innovation Gallery," which aims to shine a light on the prosperous and cutting-edge innovation that is developed in Alberta.

Alberta Innovates' article gives a succinct overview of the history of Correct-AI as a company, and the importance of our products in assessing and reducing risks in the job sites. Emphasizing the solution to unsafe industrial work environments our PROX-EYE™ product provides, the article describes the need for more safe and efficient machinery operation that Correct-AI is mitigating in many industries, including energy, agriculture, logistics, construction, and mining.

The article explores our PROX-EYE™ system, stating it will "revolutionize the way industrial vehicles are managed in challenging worksite situations."

Thank you Alberta Innovates for featuring Correct-AI! Correct-Ai’s technology minimizes the prospects for collisions, roll-overs, and struck-bys, significantly enhancing the prospects for an accident-free workplace. To read more about our company, check out the article by i n the Learn How Innovation Gallery linked below.


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